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KZELLE is our interactive marketplace platform (business matchmaking platform). It connects Micro, Small & Mid-sized enterprises (MSMEs) along the value chain to utilize surplus resources and move resources to where they are needed.

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Access our database of Micro, Small and Mid-sized businesses, add your business to the list. Identify a business that you would like to form a partnership. Use KZELLE to connect directly. Check out our country economic indicators.

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We are dedicated to assist businesses from Start-ups to SMEs. We provide useful and impactful data, facilitate business to business communication, create alliances and give businesses a global reach.

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Through our membership service you can access our macro-economic data, giving you actionable insight and comparative analysis about regions, regional groups and countries. Your required information will be delivered in a table and/or chart format for easy interpretation.

With our diverse team, combined with global connectivity and the level of understanding (expertise) of these regions, we can assist you navigate from current level to your next growth stage.

We enable you to spend valuable time executing your strategy while we equip you with timely and accurate macro – economic data and economic changes as they occur.

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Small But Can Perform Like Large Business
let the numbers speak

80% jobs created by MSME in ACCA zone
1% intra-ACCA business transaction
$5 billion untapped ACCA trade
2 billion ACCA consumers
$20 billion untapped MSME global trade
$100 million funds to be invested
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It’s time to unleash local knowledge & expertise and influence world trade

SGG understands that many countries within the ACCA region exist with great untapped potential and little possibilities of utilizing their full potential. Our diverse team combined with global connectivity and a level of expertise in the region can assist you in bridging this gap.

  • Access our list and details of private equity funding and other financing possibilities available in your region

  • Communicate directly with a potential business in our database

  • Access our economic database and compare indicators across all ACCA countries.

  • You can access our business database which you may find useful for an alliance

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  • Marketplace Platform
  • Customized information
  • Country reports and economic data
  • Access to a database of companies

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Access to validated key global and local indicators organized by country, regions, customized to your

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Save time and money on independent research by accessing the most comprehensive indicators across Africa, Caribbean and Central America countries.

The Marketplace Platform

The Marketplace Platform is mainly open to members, however non-members can participate by uploading their company’s information to the platform.

Access to validated Data

Access to validated key global and local indicators organized by country, regions, customized to your preference for easy comparison or attention